EL KHOBAR This elegant Espresso Martini with its chocolate and butterscotch notes definitely lives up to the stallion El Khobar’s name  $17
LADY FISHER A refreshing cocktail that brings together Raspberry and Mango Vodka in a uniquely Fisher House way.  $19
FAMOUS STAR A refreshing blend of  Vanilla and Midori with a tropical  Pineapple twist  $17
APPLETINI This little tipple will make you green with envy, with its vodka and sour apple flavours  $18
APPLE CRUMBLE MARTINI This will make you think of Mum’s desserts! Spicebox Spiced Canadian Whiskey with Apple Juice$18
LYCHEE-TINI A fantastic blend of Lychee & vodka with a hint of peach. A real Tastebud pleaser  $18
PINK MARTINI A fantastic blend of Beefeater Pink Gin with Dry Vermouth. A new twist on an old favourite  $18
COSMOPOLITAN Fisher House loves 2 things, A classic drink and an amazing time, So try the classic cosmopolitan and have a great time!  $17
LONG ISLAND ICED TEA We understand it’s a little hard to decide on which spirit to choose, so why not choose them all? The Long Island Iced Tea is a classic we love  $20
MOJITO Another classic that we love! Enjoy that white rum and minty Goodness that is the Mojito                $18
DARK ‘N’ STORMY Explore the delights of our UNTOLD Spiced Rum with Ginger Beer and just a dash of bitters    $18
WHISKEY SOUR The perfect balance of Sweet & sour that Highlights the wonderful flavours of premium American Whiskey$16
GIN SOUR Strawberry & Rhubarb Flavours enhance this classic cocktail$16
SALTED GRAPEFRUIT MARGARITA A Refreshing twist on a Classic Margarita that incorporates both Sweetness & Tanginess$16